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1G Blue Mataro Live Resin Indica 

1G Romulan Live Resin Indica

1G Chemdawg Live Resin Hybrid 

1G Humble Pie Live Resin Hybrid


Resin defined —

In nature, resin is that sticky goo produced by many trees and plants. It hardens when exposed to air and will not dissolve in water. We typically associate it with pine and fir trees, but it leaches from the bark of many trees, woody shrubs, and herb flowers. And, it will appear where the host plant is “injured” by pruning, pests, or other antagonists.

Resin issues as a protectant turning into amber-like crystals as it hardens. Trees like pine, juniper, spruce, and cedar are known for their fragrant resin. It also comes from flowers like gardenia, morning glory, and ginseng among others. And, it is the key to the fragrance from dill, caraway, dill, and cannabis.

Resin is the source of amber, turpentine, varnish, lacquer, incense, and scores of useful products. History has used it for medical purposes as astringents, diuretics, laxatives, and stimulants. And, natural and synthetic resins are used in thousands of chemical and commercial products.

Live Resin Cannabis —

Unlike shatter and wax, Live Resin Cannabis skips the routine curing process that produces dried leaf. Producers flash freeze the cannabis plant immediately following harvest. They extract the resin then using butane and a vacuum oven to protect the terpene’s profile in a loaded concentrate for dabbing.

Because Live Resin Cannabis is flash-frozen at harvest, the process protects its full spectrum status with a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes. You might consider it a “purer” and “fuller” spectrum extract.

It should have a delicate balance between the THC crystals and terpene liquid, what they call “sauce.” It’s a gelatinous gem somewhere between gold and amber used with your rig or dab straw. The sticky and gooey qualities make it difficult to handle, and the flavor and potency in live resin is not something you want to lose through inexperience or poor temperature control.

You can also use dab pens or vape pens for a user-friendly convenience. But you should ask your budtender or do some research on the most appropriate pens with ceramic dishes, crystal dual coil, and/or temperature control. And, the sauce can be worked into canna-butters, oils, and other forms for later use.

Storing Live Resin Cannabis can be tricky.

  • Glass jar: To avoid damaging exposure to air, you should choose a small glass jar with a tight twist top. However, gummy extracts can stick to the sides. If possible, you should vacuum seal the jar and store it in a cool dark place.
  • Parchment paper: You cut enough parchment paper for the extract you want to store. Folding the paper gently around the content, you’ll want to avoid crushing or squeezing the sample. It will store in a cool dark place, but you would do better to place the parchment paper package into another airtight container.
  • Silicone containers: You can easily remove resin extracts from silicone containers without sticking. It must be medical grade silicone, but containers will keep your product clean and uncontaminated. Silicone containers are good for short-term storage, but they are not airtight.
  • Freezing: In warm climates, you’ll want to freeze or refrigerate the extract to preserve its qualities and make it easier to handle. You’ll want to vacuum seal it in a parchment package or glass jar.

Live resin cannabis in high demand —

Live Resin Cannabis contains larger deposits of cannabinoids and terpenes. The enriched flavor, aroma, and potency have made it the top-shelf choice for sophisticated and experienced users. But the increased demand has raised the price, so you may want to work your way up to the use, care, and storage of Cannabis Resin Cannabis.

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